Axialis Fluent Pro 2018 Vector Icons

Axialis Fluent Pro 2018 Vector Icons

Axialis Fluent Pro 2018 icon set was designed for use in Menus & toolbars of Windows applications. The style, which is modern & professional-looking, is compliant with Microsoft® specifications for Fluent Design®. These icons will allow you to generate a large variety of images you can't find in the MDL2 assets, providing more flexibility for your projects. Icons were designed as vector shapes and aligned on 32x32 Grid with 2-pixel thickness for pixel-perfect results at all sizes, including 16x16 pixels.

Download Sample
(13.9 MB -

Contents: 20 sample icons - Axialis IconGenerator Free

Information about the 20-Icon Sample Set

You can freely download and extract the files on your computer for evaluation. This archive contains only 20 icons for evaluation purpose only. You can't use these icons in projects.

  • The package is available in ZIP Archive format.
  • You can extract files included in this archive using your favorite unzipper application. If you don't have one, we recommend 7-ZIP ( which is a free application.

Uninstalling IconGenerator

The product has a fully Windows compliant uninstall procedure, so you can uninstall it from the Windows Control Panel. You can also do it easily using the Axialis Uninstall shortcut in Program Files:

  • Choose Start > Program Files > Axialis in Windows 7 or earlier; or choose Start > Apps > Axialis in Windows 8 or later;
  • Choose the uninstall procedure for the program you want to remove;
  • The uninstall program is launched, follow the procedure;
  • If you have created documents you may want to remove them manually.