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Web Illustrations

Axialis Object Pack #5 for Icons

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Usage: Creation of icons for websites and applications.

Contents: 2532 Objects - hi-res PNG with alpha channel

Author: Axialis Team

License Type : Royalty-free, Axialis user license (see Agreement)

Recommended Products:

Axialis IconWorkshop

File Size: 11.8 MB

Downloads: 42860


Pack reserved for registered customers - Trial pack available

This pack is reserved for registered customers. A valid product key is required to download the full version containing all the objects (2532 objects).

If you are not registered, you can download the Trial Pack which contains a limited number of objects (150 objects, including derived ones). Using this pack you'll be able to create a few high-quality sample icons. You need the Tryout Version of Axialis IconWorkshop in order to use this pack.


Object Pack #5 is a collection of 2532 objects (read more about objects) designed to create high-quality icons for websites. By using drag & drop in IconWorkshop combine objects to create in seconds icons for your websites. With this pack create automatically a set of icons by using a new feature of IconWorkshop which permits to merge a list of symbols over a fixed background. It contains 205 different symbols in several sizes and colors as well as hundreds of backgrounds. The possibilities are almost infinite!

Here are examples of icons that can be done in a few minutes:

Creating icons from the objects included in the pack is easy. This is done by composing background bases and symbols using simple mouse drag & drops. The image objects are provided in 128x128 resolution for hi-quality results after the downscaling:


Available sizes

You can create illustrations for websites in all sizes up to 128x128 without quality loss. You can even create very small sizes 14x14 or 12x12 for perfect integration in text lines:

Illustrations can be created at any size

Integration in text lines

Here is an example of illustration icons embedded in texts. Recommended sizes are 14x14 for titles (), 12x12 ( ) for paragraphs and 8x8 for bullets:

This is line 1 of the list with a 8x8 bullet;

This is line 2 of the list;

Create several icons of the same type

The pack includes 205 symbols in 2 sizes (full size for square/rounded bases and 75% reduced size for circle bases). IconWorkshop permits creating a list of icons of the same type by merging a fixed base with different symbols. With this method you create all the icons you need for your website in seconds (see below). We recommend to follow this tutorial to learn more about this feature.

What is an object and how to create icons from objects?

An object is a simple graphical object provided in 256x256 high resolution. Objects also contain an alpha channel which permits to create interesting effects like semi-transparency, lighning, outer or inner glow, shadows...

An object usually contains one part of the drawing witch cannot be used alone. You need to combine several objects together in order to create the final artwork. This can be done very easily by simple mouse drag & drops in Axialis products.

To get more information about objects, icons and icon creation, visit the links below:

 What is an Image Object?

 How to use Image Objects to create Icons?

Use the icons on your website

If you want to add illustration icons on your website we recommend to create GIF images. Axialis IconWorkshop has been designed to open/save icon files (ICO, ICNS), but a useful feature permits exporting an image included in an icon to a GIF file with color optimization.

Follow this procedure to create a GIF image:

1. We'll create a 32x32 GIF image for inclusion in a web page with a white background (the color of the background is important to create an image with a smooth border). Create a new 32x32 with RGB/A icon: Choose File/New/Windows Icon. In the dialog box select RGB/A and 32x32, click OK. An icon is created with a new 32x32 image.

2. Create your illustration icon by using image objects from the Librarian (read more about objects).

3. Once the icon is done, choose File/Export/Compuserve GIF.

4. A dialog box opens. For a standard GIF, select Colors = "Auto", Palette = "Adaptive", Dither = "Diffusion". In Transparency, we recommend to select "Preserve Transparency".

5. Threshold and Matte are the important settings to make a professional GIF image. First, select in Matte the approximate color of the page background where the icon will be displayed. As the GIF format does not support smooth transparency, this will limit the "halo" and "aliasing" effect around the icon. In Threshold, adjust the level of the transparency frontier around the icon. You see the preview in the box below while you adjust the slider. We recommend to adjust it arround 25% for good results.

6. When done, click OK. Select the location and filename of the GIF file to create.

7. You're done! Now include the illustration image in your HTML page.

How to download and install the Package?

The Image Objects are distributed in a self-install package. Just download the file by clicking the "Download Now" button. It is an executable file (EXE) so you may be prompted by Windows® or any other antivirus application to confirm the download and execution of the file. Click "YES".


Installing packages downloaded from Internet is potentially dangerous.

Install packages that you download on Internet may contain viruses. However your security is our priority and all our files are digitally signed and periodically tested against all known viruses. Also, if you have an Antivirus software installed, the file will be automatically checked before it is launched.


When downloaded, launch the installation and follow the procedure. When done, the objects are installed in the "Axialis Librarian" folder. If an associated application is installed it is launched.

Contents of the pack

Below are listed all the objects included in the pack. The original size of the objects is 128x128. The pack contains 205 symbols that you can apply over hundreds of different background bases. Symbols are provided in 5 colors (white, black gradient, cyan, green, red) and 2 sizes (100% and 75%). We recommend to apply 75% symbols in circle bases.

Objects are drawn on a gray background to show the various lightning effects available (which would not be visible on a white background). All objects are provided in resolution 128x128 with Alpha Channel.

Symbols (205 objects):

Other Colors (4 x 205 objects) :

The pack contains 4 additional colors for the same symbols: Cyan, Green, Red and Black Gradient. Of course, using the HUE/Saturation/Brightness/Contrast adjustment tools, you can create your own derived symbol colors.


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Gradient Black:

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75% Symbols (5 x 205 objects):

All the above symbols are provided in size reduced by 75%. This is useful to include symbols in circle background based without resizing them manually.

Background bases (9 packs):

The background bases are used to apply symbols over them. This permits creating many different styles of icons. Additionally, by adjusting HUE/Saturation/Brightness/Contrast you can create your own bases. Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge each image:


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3D Glossy:

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Flat Lightning:

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Gradient Border:

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How to create the icons?

The pack is provided with several sample icons created using IconWorkshop. Creation of these icons is really simple using Drag & Drop or Copy/Paste. To learn how to create icons using this object pack, read this article: http://www.axialis.com/tutorials/tutorial-iw022.html

If you want to practice with image objects, we recommend you to recreate the sample icons as described below:

1. Make sure the Librarian is displayed and the "Pack 5 - Web Illustrations" folder is selected.

2. Create a new icon project (choose 128x128 RGB/A format)

3. Create each icon using the images specified below (First image to add is on top of list):



Add the following images into your project:

1. Folder "Background Bases/Gradient Border" - "Gradient Border Green Circle.png"

2. Folder "Symbols" - "Plus.png".


Right Arrow

Add the following images into your project:

1. Folder "Background Bases/Glossy" - "Glossy Blue Rounded.png"

2. Folder "Symbols" - "Arrow1 Right.png".



Add the following images into your project:

1. Folder "Background Bases/Miscelaneous" - "Orb Neon Blue.png"

2. Folder "Symbols - 75%" - "Email.png"



Add the following images into your project:

1. Folder "Background Bases/Border" - "Border Cyan Circle Opaque.png"

2. Folder "Symbols - 75%/Cyan" - "Arrow1 Down.png"



Add the following images into your project:

1. Folder "Background Bases/Miscelaneous" - "Orb Glossy White.png"

2. Folder "Symbols - 75%/Gradient Black" - "Rss2.png"