I've lost my copy, do I have to purchase again?

No, definitely No.

As an Axialis customer you're entitled for the lifetime license (read more about lifetime license). As a result, you can download your product (for free) at any time. Several methods are available:

By accessing your account (recommended method)

1. Login to your account from this page. You need your username and password to access your account. If you can't recall your username read this.

2. Choose the option "Download a product" in the menu. A list containing the product you've registered is displayed.

3. Click "Receive a download link" for the desired product.

4. A few seconds later, you receive an email with a personal download link in your mailbox.

By searching in the purchase database

Please try the method above (accessing your account) before trying this one.

This method is not bulletproof since it performs a sequential search in the database using criteria you specify (order#, name and email required). Additionally, it works for DigiBuy orders placed after June 1999 only.

1. Visit this page. Choose the option "Request a product download" in the menu.

2. Fill the form (follow the instructions), click Submit.

3. If the order number and the name match, you receive an email a few seconds later with a personal download link in your mailbox.

By requesting a download link to Axialis directly (last option please)

If you failed with the above procedures, contact us specifying information about you and your purchase (order#, email, name, address, approx date...). We'll do our best to search and send you a link as soon as possible.